Governmental Services xRM Platform

Help improve services and transparency by organizing, storing, and tracking citizen communications.

With a consistent view of information—regardless of where it is stored—and well-defined processes that guide workers through tasks at each stage of the case life cycle, a case management solution can support a variety of cases and correspondence. An easy-to-use interface helps to streamline important tasks, such as grant writing, field inspections, and call center management.

Automate Governmental Services in “Minutes”

  • Provides a single view for allowing employees to manage and track a citizen request, from initial notification through the completion of that request.
  • Ideal for city, state, local, and regional governments who are involved in the management of citizen requests.
  • Allows for the call center employee to quickly respond to the initial request from a citizen, by either answering the request or assigning it to available resources for completion.
  • Allows for the call center manager to track all of the service requests and see in an easy-to-read dashboard how quickly responses are being made.
  • Allows for the city employee who is responsible for the request (that is, a street department employee) to see in one place the details of the request, log actions taken, and resolve the request

  • Capture Request from different sources, reaching out for Citizen never been easier.

    Given knowledge of the current department load, override the automatically assigned department if necessary.

    Review the request, assess and assign it a severity level.

    Given the work item and its severity, assign the work item to the employee best suited to the task at hand.

    Schedule a date to begin working on the request.

    Employees in the field assess the request, detail resource requirements, and estimate time and cost investment.

    The field and the monitoring employee monitor and update the status of the work item.

    When the service request has been completed, officially close the request and summarize any extraordinary events during its completion.

    Features at a glance

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    Gain Visibility and Control of the entire process

    Guided Processes Improving workers' access to information and streamlined communications tools

  • Easy-to-use business process flow to log, assign, track, and close citizen service requests.
  • Synchronous workflows automatically assign departments and create records of critical activities.
  • Business rules ensure data consistency through rule-based field locking
  • Role-based approvals enabled by combining stage gating and field-level security
  • Dashboards for a complete, birds-eye view of all active citizen service requests and their status.

  • Your Single Service Hub

    Integrate services from different systems

    Building a unified service model couldn’t be more efficient

    Unified Service Hub that combines services:

    No matter what is the e-service or the channel, G2C Government xRM platform can help you to build a unified service hub that combines different types of services from several provider entities. Services can be published to all channels of your choice independently of how they are being performed

    Post Requests to relative systems:

    leverage enterprise level integration services to post the received requests directly to back-end operation systems

    Collect information where they are:

    Integration services allows you to collect information from different system and provide them in the unified platform for easy and secured access

    Sign-in Once, Use Anywhere Citizen Services Hub:

    A single profile Management for all your services, with a unified profile management that allows your citizens to access all their related information and request from any channel of their choice.

    Mobility… Redefined

    Get your own application and engage with your customers on a whole new level

  • Present your products & services
  • Distributing latest news or discounts
  • New marketing, social and sales channel
  • Covers all platforms
  • Data stored in one place – no duplicates
  • Full Visibility

    Full functionality of your CRM; including business insights and dashboards with full capability to view or modify your products, orders, customers and more…

    Offline Capability

    Just because Internet connection stops working, doesn't mean you must too. Simply continue working in an offline mode as if nothing ever happened.

    Stay Secured

    Worried about the security of your data? We got you covered. Mobile Device Management will take control of what’s happening to your data at all times.


    Quickly feed in products or even search for them just using your phone camera with the integrated bar-code reader within the app itself.