Another Success Story for BlueLink Solutions

G2G-xRM4Kuwait Governmental Budgeting gets super boosted today with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Can xRM Solutions help in G2G? … Apparently it did!

3rd of September 2012

After years of suffering a lengthy & complicated process that involve piles & piles of papers, Kuwait Government represented by the Central Authority for Information Technology (CAIT), released today the Online “Governmental Budgeting Solutionâ€‌, which was totally built and adopted as a vertical solution on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by BlueLink Solutions!

The solution provides an online access for all the government agencies in Kuwait to submit their budget requests every year electronically through a very precise and controlled process, converting what used to be cartons of documents every year for every agency, to a totally paper-free environment. Not stopping there, but also connecting internal auditing advisory process along with external parities such as Ministry of Finance and the Supreme Council for Planning and Development in Kuwait (SCPD).

The solution is not only a breakthrough in the G2G processes in Kuwait, but also an important evidence of the capabilities of the xRM solutions and what they are able to offer.

Cait_LogoWho is CAIT?

Central Authority for Information Technology (CAIT) is a central body of Kuwait Government established in 2006 and attached directly to the attached to the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs. According to the Decree of establishment, CAIT is responsible for:

According to the Decree of establishment, CAIT is responsible for:

  1. Plans and information technology policies at the national level and approved by the Council of Ministers.
  2. Supervision of the implementation of the plan and e-government projects in coordination with the ministries and government agencies.
  3. Coordinate all the work plans for the development of information technology among government agencies.
  4. The development and management methodologies, standards and patterns for the systems, equipment and information technology services.
  5. Create and manage the official portal of the State.
  6. Training of technical cadres working in the field and the technology industry in the country and develop their capacities in this area.
  7. Public awareness of information technology and its uses in all segments of society.
  8. Study it in the technical and financial needs for IT projects in government agencies in coordination with other stakeholders.
  9. And shall supersede any provision contrary to the provisions of this article.

The Budgeting System

Not only automating a complicated process end-to-end, but also embedding control, collaboration and envisioning to multi-organization governmental model through easy to use, yet powerful tools.


  • The new budgeting system enables government agencies to submit their existing assets along with their budget needs electronically via an online portal across multiple categories of spending categories aligned with the grand accounting structure of the entire government which is controlled by the Ministry of Finance.
  • But it doesn’t stop there; it also enables CAIT Consultants of communication and collaborating with agencies key personnel in order to refine and optimize the governmental spending on information technology, follow-up on the spending and contractual processes for every spending category including purchasing such as Hardware, Software, Networking, Consumables; and contractual projects including Implementation, Training, Consultancy and other IT Services.
  • After reviewing and compiling the budgets, it also get communicated electronically to the granted bodies such as Ministry of Finance and the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, who will finally fund these budgets to its requesters.
    Throughout the Fiscal Year, the Budgeting system will enable CAIT to follow-up on the spending of these funds weather through purchase or contractual processes. Of course, the system had to have a built-in asset tracking capabilities as well to provide control on the entire government’s IT assets.
  • It goes without saying that such tremendous amount of information need to be crowned with a very powerful business intelligence platform that can provide a visionary analysis to the auditors and advisors in CAIT, which is of course a built-in feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that they make use of it every day.

Launching event in the press

In a large event with all the government agencies invited, CAIT launched the new solution introduced by CAIT GM, Mr. Qusai Al-Shatti who emphasized the benefits of the system and how it’s a considered major shift in the G2G relation between CAIT and all the other governmental organizations in Kuwait.